They’re even talking about The Happiness Diet in Washington!

They’re even talking about The Happiness Diet in Washington!

The Happiness Diet- The key to weight loss?

By Sri Keshava, for Omkara World

The power of positivity and its connection to weight loss

Los Angeles- January 25, 2011- Spending many years working with clients who are seeking happiness through various forms of success, Professor Tim Sharp (of the somewhat unconventional The Happiness Institute) has discovered that one of the main obstacles is what he_ã_s come to term as the _ã–tyranny of when_ã. This is the phenomenon where we say to ?ourselves, _ã–I_ã_ll be happy when… I have more money, a bigger house, a better job;_㝠or the biggest one in this era of western world- Obesity_ã_ _ã–I_ã_ll be happy when I lose weight._ã

The problem for many people (for a variety of reasons), is that they never get there; and even if they do, they then think of something else that they _ã–need_㝠before they can truly feel happy: A snazzier car, a bigger pay check, a more beautiful or handsome spouse, even a new pair of breasts.  Psychologists refer to this as the _ã–hedonic treadmill,_㝠conjuring up the perfect metaphor of chasing the proverbial carrot on a stick. As a result, we don_ã_t ever get to experience the joy and satisfaction we desire and need as human beings.  We_ã_re left feeling frustrated, disappointed and downright miserable.

Of course there is no other aspect of our lives where the hedonic treadmill is more evident than in our modern day eating behaviours. We can supersize our meals for just 50 cents more at the drive-thru. At restaurants we_ã_re served mounds of pasta on gigantic plates_ã_ inspiring not only huge grins, but also double chins. To combat the growing problem, most popular diets include a lot of pill popping, restrictive eating, and punishing exercise routines; negative, often punitive and insulting approaches to weight loss. Naturally, many people feel depressed, hopeless and helpless when they_ã_re blamed for being overweight and labelled as lazy, ill-disciplined failures.

How is the Happiness Institute_ã_s approach different?

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