Happiness and busy-ness

Happiness and busy-ness

Is being really busy good or bad for your happiness?

I just posted this question on Twitter and Facebook and already we’re getting some interesting responses.

I was going to see how the conversation evolved but then thought it might be helpful, for me if not everyone else (!) to put a few thoughts down for consideration by those who’re interested.

Busy-ness can be great if…

  • we’re using our strengths
  • pursuing meaningful goals
  • contributing in a useful way
  • not exhausting ourselves
  • and for many, many more reasons

Busy-ness can be problematic if…

  • we’re not looking after our health
  • we ignore or don’t tend to important relationships
  • if what we’re working on is not really urgent but more so, just a distraction from other stress and worries

These are just a few thoughts to prompt discussion and I’d love for you to contribute to our happiness conversation on The Happiness Institute’s Facebook Page