Happiness…what does it mean to you?

Happiness…what does it mean to you?

Defining happiness…a most important task!

Just yesterday, a member of our Facebook happiness community, posed a simple but very interesting and important question…

How, she asked, are people defining their happiness? 

Now this is a question I'm asked on an almost daily basis but I never tire of answering it because it's such an important question and the answer can make such a differenct to the experience of happiness. 

That being said, there isn't really one perfect answer; rather, although there will be common elements and although the positive psychology research supports certain themes consistently, everyone will have their own take on a happiness definition which in my humble opinion is a good thing!

So, before I have my two cents worth and before I offer up my definition, I'd love to know what you all think. So please share your thoughts and post your happiness definitions on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Wall

Thanks in advance and looking forward to reading your responses…