Weekend happiness question

Weekend happiness question

I've already noted that I'm a bit tied up these last few days and also over the weekend so my apologies for not posting any longer or more meaningful happiness articles but…

…I thought I'd just take a minute to post some happiness related thoughts from my coaching workshop which are: 

  • some people clearly find it harder to focus on positives than others

  • these people need to be constantly reminded to look for the good in themselves and others

  • but we should try to do this in a way that's not accusatory or negatively confronting

I believe it's in all of our interest to help as many people apply the principles of positive psychology as possible and as a result, to experience happiness. The more people I can help to be happy the happier I'll be and then the more people I can help find happiness and, well, I think you get the idea by now…

So, my weekend happiness question is…what's worked for you when you've tried to help others focus on positives and happiness? 

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