Happiness lessons from teaching happiness

Happiness lessons from teaching happiness

A few times each year I teach a 3-day course in "Positive Psychology Coaching". The nature of the course means that the attendees (approximately 35-40 people each time) are usually very experienced, very knowledgeable and highly intelligent and capable people!

As a facilitator/teacher this is challenging because they tend to ask lots of questions and sometimes some tricky ones…but as an individual I find this highly engaging and very satisfying as this plays to one of my strengths. As noted in the heading, I learn just as much (if not more) from "teaching" these courses as my "students" probably learn from me. 

So what did I learn today, about happiness and/or life? Well, here are a few thoughts and musings…

  • people are amazing

  • people do amazing things

  • learning from others is fun and stimulating

  • helping others to learn is fun and stimulating

  • positive social interaction is incredibly fulfilling

  • utilising your strengths is incredibly fulfilling

  • having fun boosts happiness

  • boosting happiness is fun

And that's just Day 1 of the 3 day course!

I hope you had a great and satisfying and fun day with at least some happiness. If so, let us know (on our facebook page) what you did and if I can find the time I'll get back to you tomorrow with more happiness lessons from my positive psychology teachings : )