Happiness lessons from one of today’s coaching sessions

Happiness lessons from one of today’s coaching sessions

As noted a few times last week in relation to the lessons I learned, about happiness and more, while teaching my 3-day course in Positive Psychology Coaching, I learned (or was reminded of) a few more lessons today during and after a great coaching session I just had with a client. 

In short, here are some thoughts, from a positive psychology coaching perspective, on happiness and living a good life I hope you'll enjoy and find useful…

  • don't believe everything you think; thoughts are not facts; just like you might critically analyse or question what you see on TV or hear on the radio or read in the papers, so too should you avoid blindly accepting your own thoughts and rather, assess them for the utility and helpfulness

  • spend some time, each and every day, focusing on the best in you; what have you achieved; what are you working towards; what are you innate qualities and strengths; and what exciting things does your future hold

  • keep your life interesting and intellectually stimulating; avoid boredom which tends to allow more easy access to worrying and negative thoughts; learn new things; seek out new ideas; be curious and open minded

  • and finally, although we all need to accept and acknowledge that certain aspects of our lives and of the world are beyond us and unpredictable there are other aspects of our world that we can control; so control as much as you can but no more; accept what you can't control but don't accept any less than you deserve

My client walked out of our session today excited and revitalised. I'd love to hear how you feel and what you think about these classic and memorable positive psychology coaching strategies and especially, whether you think they'll bring you more happiness! 

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