2nd happiness lesson from being on holidays – keep your head up!

2nd happiness lesson from being on holidays – keep your head up!

What do you see when you walk through the world? 

Since I've been on holidays these last few days I've looked at the world in a different way. This is, I think, relatively normal because when most of us are on holidays we tend to look at the world around is with awe and fascination. 

Things are different; places are new; customs are strange and accents are, at times, interesting and/or incomprehensible (even when they're speaking English). 

Accordingly, we tend to be more open-eyed, more interested in things and more curious about what's going on around us. 

With this in mind I couldn't help to wonder what life might be like if we always looked through the eyes of a tourist? What would you see if you opened up your eyes to the wonders of your normal, every day life? What are you missing now by walking along, literally and metaphorically, with your eyes downcast? 

I invite you, therefore, to approach today (or tomorrow) as though you're a tourist in your own city, in your own job, in your own life? 

Would such an approach, an eyes wide open approach, bring more happiness? Would we find the happiness we experience on holidays while at home? 

Give it a try and let me know how you go!