Happiness…can be found in the simplest things

Happiness…can be found in the simplest things

I just re-read the title of an article I posted yesterday which included the words "simple rules for happiness". Funnily, I misread it and thought it said happiness is in simple rules" which made me rethink again, another theme…

…happiness is often, I believe, over-complicated and that is why I think many people don't experience as much of it as they could. If we simplified happiness and further, sought happiness in the simpler aspects of life then I think more of us could have more of it!

So here are some simple things in which I often find happiness…

  • savouring a good coffee

  • listening to a favourite song

  • just walking

  • telling or listening to a joke

  • learning something new

  • reading something interesting

  • helping others

  • taking a few minutes to meditate or relax

  • and there are so many more…

I'd love to know where and when you find happiness in the simple things in life. Please share your thoughts on our Facebook page