5 character traits to increase happiness

5 character traits to increase happiness

by Joe Wilner from Psych Central

One of my favorite contributions of positive psychology is the classification system to help people uncover their strengths as human beings.

Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman are the two researchers whom created the ‘Values in Action Inventory of Strengths’ (VIA-IS), which consists of 6 virtues and 24 character strengths.

If you take the survey it will provide you with your top 5 signature strengths, along with other strengths in order from strongest to weakest. The more you are able to use your strengths in daily life the more fulfilled and happy you will be.

The 5 strengths below are adapted from the survey and may not be your most valued characteristics, but I wanted to offer a general group that provides a good overall approach to thriving and flourishing in life.

Work to enhance these 5 traits and you will find more life-satisfaction.

Gratitude – Making it a habit to appreciate what you have has been shown to be a very effect way to increase life-satisfaction. One infamous exercise is to write a letter of gratitude to someone, and then deliver and read it to them personally.

Being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen to us are a wonderful way to bring a more positive perspective into your life.

Ability to love and be loved – The Beatles said it exactly right, “All you need is love.” In order to be a thriving human being we need to experience love. This includes love in our intimate relationships, and even a general sense of loving-kindness toward the world around us. The more love we experience the better.

Invest in the value of close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated…

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