Work on happiness first

Work on happiness first

Time and time again I've written about what I've come to call the Primacy of Positivity. 

I've covered it in my blog and I've had an academic paper on the topic published in an international academic journal!

I talk about it constantly with businesses and teams, schools and individuals, so it's great to see that others share my ideas on happiness and its power. 

Check out this article titled "Work on Happiness First" which addresses the issue within a work context…

The old adage goes that hard work leads to success, which ultimately provides us with happiness.

But one behavioural science company now wants to turn this theory on its head.

According to Humantelligence, a US company that recently conducted its first survey in the Middle East, happiness comes first. If staff are happy then they are more likely to be successful and work harder…

…it goes on to say more about the research in detail so if you're interested, CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL AND ORIGINAL STORY

But what I'm most interested in is hearing or reading how and where and when you've used the primacy of positivity!

Even if you didn't realise it or even if you didn't use these exact words, have you ever had an experience in which happiness or positive emotion or positivity of some sort provided the motivation and energy and inspiration to then go on and achieve some success in life? Or do some good? Or reach a goal? 

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