Friday morning happiness…fun and generosity

Friday morning happiness…fun and generosity

What will you do today, this friday in June, to make someone else's day? 

I'm not suggesting Friday should be the only day to have fun (not be any means) but there's a nice alliteration around Friday fun and so we thought we might make this a regular segment (what do you think?). 

Anyway, today, for a bit of fun, we thought we'd share with you this amazing video

Even if you can't understand what they're saying I'm pretty sure you'll agree the looks on some of the faces shown is pure happiness. 

And where does this happiness comes from? It comes from the generosity and love and caring and compassion and kindness and fun and much much more enacted by, well, I think you'll get the idea when you watch. 

So check it out HERE and then…share with us on our Facebook Page what have you done in the past or what are you planning on doing some time soon to bring joy and happiness to someone else?