Kick start your day and boost your happiness with positivity first thing in the morning

Kick start your day and boost your happiness with positivity first thing in the morning

What's better for your happiness than a strong espresso? 

What's going to get your day off to a better start than any pharmaceutical, drug or artificial substance? 

Positivity, that's what; and happiness can be yours, more often and more usefully, if you do the right things first up each and every day!

As many regular readers of this blog would well be aware I've been doing a lot of research in recent times on, and considering many applications of (including our increasingly popular Happiness Diet) my primacy of positivity theory. 

You can read an academic account here or a more popular account here

But one area I've only recently begun to think about applying this is…the mornings! What do you do first thing in the morning and what impact does this have on the rest of your day? 

There's no doubt, based on many years experience and many conversations with happy and successful people, that those who seem to achieve a lot more and enjoy themselves more along the way almost always have a solid and regular daily, and especially morning routine. What this does is set them up for the rest of the day. In fact most of us have some sort of morning routine but for many of us it's not necessarily a positive one and accordingly, it doesn't set us up the way we want to be set up to achieve our goals, happiness or wellbeing. 

So what can you do to kick start your day and to boost your happiness and health? 

Well, it really isn't that hard. Give some thought to some of these suggestions but then give even more thought to your own, individual routine that will work for you and help you get off to a positive day with positive energy, enthusiasm and inspiration: 

  • Ensure you get a good night's sleep 

  • Avoid rushing; allow plenty of time to do what you need to do

  • Do some form of exercise, any form of movement, as early as possible

  • Practice relaxation or meditation, even if it's while you're still lying in bed waking up

  • Focus on all the good things that are going to happen today

  • Visualise yourself succeeding, achieving and having fun

  • Read or listen to something positive and inspiring

And what else? 

I'm sure many of you out there have some great ideas that you're already using and we'd love to hear about them on our Facebook Page. So come along and spread the joy. Just CLICK HERE and let's collect a list of morning positivity boosters from which we might all benefit. Thanks in advance…