Maintaining happiness with regular software upgrades

Maintaining happiness with regular software upgrades

As I waited patiently the other day for my laptop to update its software with the latest upgrades I thought to myself, as I often do, why does this happen and what, if anything, can I learn from it. 

As many of you would know, most computers and devices need to upgrade on a regular basis as developers of their software gradually and continually make things work better. 

The lesson here is that things can be made better…and so can we!

Now you and I don't necessarily have "software" to upgrade like computers and smartphones do but we do have…brains! And we can upgrade our brains on a regular basis and if we do, we can enjoy more happiness and wellbeing. 

So how do you upgrade your brain with updates and learnings? Try these simple strategies to make sure you find happiness, real happiness, by which I mean flourishing, thriving and optimal human functioning:

  • read books on topics that interest you

  • watch documentaries on TV or inspirational videos on You Tube or 

  • listen to podcasts from experts all over the world (there are many that are free)

  • attend classes and courses to learn new languages of skills

  • try new things to utilise your curiosity and stretch your mind

  • and more…

By practising these strategies we can keep learning and when we keep learning we develop to be better selves. Ultimately, this will bring more of a special type of happiness so give it a go and, as always, we'd love to hear what you're already doing along these lines. 

So if you already spend some of your time "upgrading your mental software" then let us know how by sharing your thoughts on our Facebook Page HERE