Hmmm…productivity or happiness? You decide!

Hmmm…productivity or happiness? You decide!

Check out this interesting lecture on happiness and productivity…

Jane McGonigal takes to our pulpit to challenge our assumptions about games as ways to "pass" or "waste" our time – and argues instead that we are never more productive than when we are immersed in a good game.

What, exactly, do we produce when we play a good game? Positive emotions – like optimism, curiosity and wonder; collective intelligence; and a stronger social fabric.

In this sermon, Jane urges us to become more productive in what really matters in life – happiness, resilience, and meaning — by spending more of our time playing bigger and better games.

Jane McGonigal is a game designer based in San Francisco, California. She is the director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future and author of 'Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.'

This secular sermon took place on Sunday 24 October 2010 at Conway Hall, London.