Happiness trivia

Happiness trivia

I'm off to my son's school fund raising Trivia Night tonight and so I've been inspired to put to you some questions to see how much you know about happiness. Below, then, are some happiness-related trivia questions; see how many you can answer…

  • Who said, in relation to happiness and positive psychology, "other people matter"? 

  • What do the letters PERMA stand for in Seligman's model of wellbeing? 

  • What do the letters in CHOOSE represent in my happiness acronym? 

  • In what year was The Happiness Institute established? 

  • Who's often referred to as "the Flow guy"? 

  • What ratio of positive to negative emotions does Barbara Fredrickson believe is necessary for flourishing? 

  • How many vowels are there in the surname of the author of "The How of Happiness"? 

  • In what year was "100 Ways to Happiness: a guide for busy people" published? 

  • What school in Victoria has become famours for its positive edcuation program? 

  • And finally, how much happiness is too much happiness? 

Have some fun trying to answer these questions and feel free to post your responses on our Facebook Page. 

Oh, and have a great weekend : )