Happiness on a Friday is…fun!

Happiness on a Friday is…fun!

Having fun can do more than just boost your mood…it can also boost your productivity and performance!

Here at The Happiness Institue we're big fans of having fun; but not just because it's, well, fun…just as importantly, because it enhances positive moods like happiness AND boosts performance and productivity and success and so many other things. 

Just yesterday I was presenting to a room full of HR Directors and at the end, the moderator asked me the following question:

"If there's one final message you could communicate to this audience, what would it be?"

After just a few seconds thought I responded with: 

"Don't underestimate the power of fun and play, of happiness and positivity. These are powerful tools that can enhance and improve almost every aspect of our lives!"

And with that, I showed THIS VIDEO CLIP which proves how incredibly powerful making something fun can be. Imagine if you could apply this principle to selected behaviours in your life (e.g. exercise or dieting or study or work or, anything)? Because if you could, maybe you could also realise a 66% improvement!

What do you think? Have you already done something like this? If so, share your stories and let us know where and how you've used fun to improve some real and meaningful part of your life (CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE).