Happiness is…a lazy Sunday (or, an argument for idelness)

Happiness is…a lazy Sunday (or, an argument for idelness)

Find happiness by practicing the art of doing nothing. 

"The art of doing nothing?" I hear you ask. "What is that?"

Well, let me go back a step or two…

…I've just returned from a morning walk following which I plan to do pretty much nothing today! By nothing I mean reading, and doing whatever I need to do to take care of my kids, and eating and, well, nothing really of any consequence. 

I've had a pretty busy and stressful few weeks so on the one hand I can rationally tell myself that rest and relaxation are important; in fact I often tell others (in my speaking and consulting and coaching) that rest and relaxation are important. 

So why then do I feel a tinge of guilt? Why then do so many of my clients (especially those in the "corporate world" but also average mums and dads all over the place) feel "naughty" when they "do nothing"? 

I think it's because, as I've said and written before, that we're so programed to achieve and accomplish. And it's also because achievement and accompishment are good for us and good for our health and happiness. 

But so too are rest and relaxation good for us, dare I say vital for our mental health and happiness. And this is why the "art of doing nothing" is so vital and why, if we want to be healthy and happy, we need to find ways to convince ourselves or allow ourselves to do it without feeling guilty and in fact to enjoy it so we do it more. 

So today I'm going to enjoy doing nothing (or very little, anyway) and I invite you to do the same. I also invite you to tell me/us (HERE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE) how you think about "laziness" in a helpful way and maybe if we can all learn to do the same we can all get better at healthy idleness and reap the rewards…such as happiness!