Happiness is trust and clarity

Happiness is trust and clarity

I was reading this interesting article today in the Sydney Morning Herald and it raised a few questions for me; not about Australian politics or religion or immigration but…

…about happiness and living a good life!

The questions buzzing through my mind as I read this included: 

  • how many of us distort our reality? 

  • what misperceptions and biases do we all have? 

  • how much of what we think is true is not? 

  • and what impact does all of this have on our relationships, our lives and our happiness? 

I don't claim to have all the answers to these questions, although I suspect many of us have some issues we need to address, but I do believe these are important questions to ask and notably, questions we need to answer if we want to enjoy more happiness. 

Because for me, happiness is at least in part about hope and optimism but these need also to include facing up to cold hard realities; happy people don't deny or ignore problems but rather, they acknowledge them, head on, and then deal with them constructively and ultimately, effectively. 

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