11 questions to ask for happiness

11 questions to ask for happiness

Today, instead of posting advice, I've decided to post some questions. Because it's the answers to these questions that will guide you towards more happiness and increase your chances of living a good life…

  1. Am I about to do what I really want to do today?

  2. How will I know if I’ve had a great, successful, happy day?

  3. What’s really important today?

  4. Is there anyone I should try to spend more time with today?

  5. Is there anyone to whom I should try to listen to more?

  6. How can I make sure I'm authentic and honest today?

  7. Who should I acknowledge or thank today?

  8. From whom could I be asking for more help?

And more broadly…

  1. What do I want to get out of life?

  2. What can I offer the world that no one else can?

  3. Am I doing my best to achieve this? 

So go forth; give these questions some consideration; and when you find some answers let us know if those answers also lead you to finding some more happiness!