Happiness is a joke about the workmen’s lunch!

Happiness is a joke about the workmen’s lunch!

Some time ago I heard the following joke. I immediately enjoyed it, partly because I heard it told by none other than Bob Hawke (past priminister of Australia) but also because it's just a good story. It was only recently, however, that I realised it's significance within the context of the work I do! So read on and give some thought to how this might help you understand how to enjoy more happiness in your life…

Three workers stopped for their midday break and lunch. They'd all worked together for many years and new each other well. As they opened up their boxes they pretty much new what to expect except…

The first worker, as he's pulling out his meal, says to his mates "If I get spaghetti one more time I'm going to die. I've had it every day for the last 40 years and I just can't take it any more."

As he pulls out his lunch and opens up his meal there it is, pasta, and he keels over and drops dead.

The second worker turns from his now dead colleague and says to his other mate, "if I get fried rice one more time I think I'll kill myself. I've had it every day for 40 years and I just can't cope any longer."

As soon as he opens his lunch box he sees the fried rice and grabs one of his tools, hits himself on the head, and falls over…another one gone!

Finally, the third worker goes to open his lunch. He says (to himself) "if I get vegimite sandwiches one more time I'm going to follow my two mates and end it all."

He slowly opens his brown paper bag, reveals a vegimite sandwich, and tops himself; over and done with; another one bites the dust.

A few days later all the men's wives are at the funeral, obviously distraught and struggling to come to terms with what's happened. The wife of the first man cries to her friends "if only he'd told me, I could easily have made something other than pasta."

The wife of the second man repeats a similar sentiment, saying "why, why didn't he say something? I can make many more meals than just fried rice. If only he'd let me know!"

And then the third wife turns to the others and says…"I just don't understand; he made his own lunch!!!"

So what can we learn from this?

Well, before going on I hope (first and foremost) that you had a bit of a laugh at this (because if you remember back to last week's eNewsletter there are LOTS of very real benefits to laughter!).

But more importantly, there is, I believe, an important message within this funny story…and that is, how much misery do we bring upon ourselves?

Have there ever been times in your life when you've created your own misery? When you've brought unhappiness upon yourself by making your own lunch and by making something you don't even like (I'm speaking metaphorically here!)? Do you ever fall into that trap of engaging in self-defeating and/or self-destructive behaviours?

Well, we could all probably answer "yes" to each of those questions (if we're being honest) but we can all, and here's the good news, also dig ourselves out of these traps and we can all change our ways to find more happiness and health and success.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you've all done this at some point in your lives so let's share our life changing moments; what, when and how have you reduced or eliminated bad habits from your life and introducted more helpful ones? What, where, when and how have you made positive improvements and avoided ongoing misery by stopping something you were doing to yourself?

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