Happiness is…exciting!

Happiness is…exciting!

I have to say that my life, at the moment, is pretty hectic. 

I've just started a new project, on top of everything else I do, and it's keeping me VERY busy. At the same time, it's keeping me very excited!

Taking on new challenges and venturing our of your "comfort zone" can be stressful BUT it can also be exhilerating and the latter tends to outweight the former most of the time. 

So although there are times when I'm tired and craving a bit more normality, most of the time I'm thoroughly enjoying the newness and excitment and happiness that's coming with the stretching of my life currently. 

So today's tip is an invitation to go and do something different! Try something new! Find happiness in the excitement of a challenge you've never undertaken before and be prepared for some stress BUT ALSO, get ready for some fun. 

Most importantly, let us know how you go by posting your new and exciting, happiness inducing challenges HERE on our Facebook Page. We can't wait to hear about what's going on : )