Finding happiness in simple pleasures

Finding happiness in simple pleasures

I recently stumbled upon this interesting article in, of all places, the Dover post. It's titled "Shoestring Living: simple pleasures make us all wealthy" and it's written by Molly Logan Anderson. It begins like this…


I recently caught the tail end of a radio interview with author Neil Pasricha, who wrote “The Book of Awesome.” The thing that caught my attention as he rattled off a verbal list of many of life's true and tiny pleasures was when he said, "People just don't realize that the best things in life really are free."

This was quite a revelation to a gal with a weekly column about frugal living. What a life-changing event it could be to realize this simple fact, grab hold of it and find true joy in life’s most simple moments. If we fine-tuned our focus to the smallest matters, like pulling up a weed with its roots intact or spending a few extra moments in bed on a weekend morning, the happiness rating on our lives would surely go up.

Pay attention

I have no doubt that many of life’s pleasures are slipping past me. I drive by them on the way to gymnastics or swim team, run over them in my frenzy to water flowers in the blazing heat, inadvertently miss them entirely in my trek to knock all things off my list. Are you doing the same? Be present and look for the joy-evoking life experiences right before your eyes. I just bet you’ll see them.

Focus, hard

Once these little gems of happiness start to show themselves (or once you begin to witness them), resolve to work even harder at it. Watching your children interact, blowing the fuzz off a dandelion, finding a $20 in your pocket or marveling at a giant oak tree is free and amazing. Make it your mission to discover things like this each and every day and you’ll start to realize how wealthy you really are.


When you experience these blips of free happiness, share the wealth…

…you can read the full and original article HERE

So how can you simplify your life? 

Following on the same theme, if happiness does come at least in part from "shoestring" living and/or from life's simple pleasures then…

  • how can you simplify your life?

  • what can you do to uncomplicate things?

  • is there anything in your life that's causing unhappiness that you could remove?

  • Is there something you could do less of?

  • do you really need to go shopping for…?

What do you think about all this?

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