Happiness is…learning from our own stupidity!

Happiness is…learning from our own stupidity!

Being wrong is not always a bad thing if we learn from our mistakes. And learning from our mistakes can enhance happiness via what some refer to as "post traumatic growth".

That is, negative life events need not remain negative for ever because if we become stronger or wiser or more mature (or something similar) then we can turn the negative into a positive and effectively, find happiness within pain and suffering. 

I've known and talked about this for a while now but was reminded of this important idea recently while reading a novel. About half way through Mona Lisa Overdrive, a book by William Gibson, two of the main characters play their parts in the following scene and have the following conversation…

She pulled her black sweater over her head…a scar vanished into the waistband of her jeans.

“You were hurt,” Kumiko said, looking at the scar.

Sally looked down, “yeah”.

“Why didn’t you have it removed?”

“Sometimes it’s good to remember.”

“Being hurt?”

“Being stupid.”

I'm sure we've all been and will all be "stupid" at some point in our lives (or more likely, at many points!); but as noted above this need not be a bad thing and we might not always want to forget!

Remembering and learning from pain and misery, suffering and distress could actually be a good thing and as I hope I've conveyed, potentially even a path to happiness! 

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