Why you need to address ALL areas of your life for real health & happiness

Why you need to address ALL areas of your life for real health & happiness

As many of you would well be aware I'm currently working on an exciting new TV show in which we're taking quite a radically new approach to health, happiness and wellbeing (it's called "Excess Baggage" and you can find out more HERE if you're on Facebook or HERE if you just want to visit the website). 

Well, what I've just written is not entirely 100% true because although the approach is quite new for TV it's not actually new if one refers to the research literature or to common practice in many clinics and hospitals all over the world. 

You see what we're trying to do and what's been recognised as best practice for many years now is to offer a "multidisciplinary" approach to weight management and to healthy living. What does that mean? Well, in simple terms it accepts that no one health discipline has all the answers but together, we can provide some very powerful answers. 

For example, there's no doubt at all that exercise is vitally important for healthy living; but, on it's own, it rarely (if ever) will provide everything. And the same can be said for the nutrional and diet components of a health program AND for the psychological input as well. 

That being said, putting all three together with a good physical activity program aimed at improving fitness and strength AND evidence based nutrtional advice providing appropriate and balanced "fuel" for our bodies AND (of course) psychological strategies for boosting happiness and positive emotion as well as dealing with trauma and negative emotion or just practical ways to solve problems…this combination can be a real winner. 

So why am I writing about this today? 

Well, because I see too many people who focus too much on just one of these components. In my practice we (obviously) see many who're keen to explore the psychological aspects of happiness (or depression) and/or of dieting, weight management or many other issues. And it's great they want to explore this…but we (that's I and my colleagues) frequently encourage them to also seek out experts in other areas to ensure they're also addressing these other important domains in their lives. And the same could be said for those who focus exclusively just on exercise or diet. 

To get the best out of ourselves we need to get the best out of each and every area of our lives (physical and psychological and spiritual and…everything). 

So give some thought to where you focus your energies when trying to find more happiness and wellbeing AND ask yourself whether or not you've left any gaps; because if you have then the good news is that by filling in that gap, by getting appropriate help in any and every area of your life, you'll be far better positioned to enjoy your greatest and happiest life with the energy you need to achieve all you want. 

And as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this? What do you think about unidimensional versus multidimensional approaches to weight loss, health, happiness or anything else for that matter? Share your thoughts or ask your questions HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page