Bouncing back to happiness

Bouncing back to happiness

It won't surprise anyone to hear that I think happiness is a very important aspect of life; and something we should all strive to create and enjoy more of in life. 

But, at the same time, I'm well aware that noone should expect to experience happiness every minute of every day and I know as well as anyone that life will have it's ups and downs. 

So, for more happiness, we need to learn how to bounce back from these difficult days and worrisome weeks which is why I thought I'd share with you this blog I recently wrote for The Happiness Diet (HERE). 

Many people who strive to lose weight have ups and downs and setbacks along the way; this is normal and ultimately, those who succeed, tend to be those who more quickly and more effectively find happiness again and the motivation to get back on track. 

So today I wrote this for those taking part in The Happiness Diet but as soon as I did I realised it would also be useful for anyone seeking to achieve any goals. Whether weight loss or weight gain! Happiness or success! Promotion or wealth or whatever…

…learning how to bounce back from tough times is important. 

And so, I hope you like this short article and just as importantly, I hope you find it helpful : ) 

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