Happiness and holidays

Happiness and holidays

Hello happy readers and I'm very excited to say…that I'm heading off for some holidays today! I'll still be posting as often as I can (although maybe not quite as often as normal) and I'll still be tweeting (HERE) and doing much of what I do but I'll also be taking a bit of a step back and this is why…

…because we all need to take a break sometimes and we all need to "swittch off" so we can be fully "switched on". 

Holidays don't have to involve great expense and they don't have to even involve significant periods of time (I'm a big fan of a long weekend). Taking a break is as much a "mental thing" as it is a geographical or economic activity. By that, I mean that what's probably the most important thing is getting away so you can and want to get back into work!

Now it might sound a bit odd to say that the most important part of a holiday is the getting back into work but this is the reality for most of us. We need to work and although we complain sometimes we gain great satisfaction from work. It provides structure in our lives and a sense of purpose and meaning and social connection and an opportunity to use our strengths and, well, so many good things. Despite what many might think work is vital for our happiness and wellbeing. 

And so with this in mind, and as I make my final preparations before heading off on leave, here are my top reaasons why I think holidays are important for happiness…

  • by getting away we gain perspective

  • we allow ourselves to be refreshed and revitalised

  • we get to spend more time with our loved ones

  • we experience new and interesting things

  • new opportunities for stimulation and happiness appear

  • we learn new things about ourselves

  • we reconnect with others

  • hopefully we get to rest and recuperate!

I'm sure there are many, many other benefits as well and I'd love to hear what you think….

…why do you love holidays and how, specifically, do you think they boost your happiness and wellbeing? Share your thoughts HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page