Boost your happiness and avoid common life regrets…and have fun doing it!

Boost your happiness and avoid common life regrets…and have fun doing it!

How'd you like to avoid a life of regrets and instead, live a life of happiness & success? 

Well, you can, and you can have fun doing it all as well!

Unfortunately, far too many of us will arrive at our death bed regretting things like…

  • working too hard

  • not having kept in touch with friends

  • not being as happy as we'd wished

  • not being our true selves

  • and not expressing our true feelings as much as we'd have liked

You can read more about this HERE

But the good news is it doesn't have to be like this. Extending research from the fascinating area of "post traumatic growth" in which many people, after a traumatic experience, have described growing and becoming happier and wiser and, in fact, living a life in exact oppostite to these regrets we're learning from people who say things like…

  • I'm now having more fun

  • I value my relationships more

  • I allow myself to enjoy more happiness

  • I know who I am now

  • and I'm more willing and able to express myself

The big question, however, is how can we learn these powerful lessons, and find happiness and success and wisdom and perspective WITHOUT having to experience the trauma? 

And again, as almost always, there's some good news…Jane McGonigal tells us how in her fantastic TED talk. All we need to do is build our resilience in 4 key areas: 

  • physical

  • mental

  • emotional

  • and social

And she does all this in a fun and entertaining, scientifically valid and supported presentation that you can watch (and you only need 20 minutes) HERE

And do you know what? If you watch it and if you do what she recomments you'll not just enjoy more health and happiness BUT you'll also live for longer! Again, check it out HERE