Frequently asked questions about happiness & wellbeing

Frequently asked questions about happiness & wellbeing

Have you ever wondered what happiness really is? 

Have you ever considered the differences between happiness and wellbeing? 

What about the issue of happiness and money or wealth? 

And can we make ourselves happy? or too happy? 

Well, these and many other questions on happiness and subjective wellbeing are answered by Prof. Ed Diener, one of the world's leaders in this area, and here's just one example: 

Q: Is happiness really a single thing?

A: As mentioned above, SWB is really an umbrella term that includes several different components, and these components are somewhat independent. That is, one can be high in one and low in another. Thus, one must to some degree understand the components separately. If one wants to be "happier," this might mean increasing positive affect or decreasing negative affect – and these two things might require very different actions. Similarly, there are even some behaviors that produce higher satisfaction (completing a boring but necessary task, for example) but produce lower positive affect.

I'm very happy to bring to you his thoughts and ponderings on all things happiness today…

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