The benefits of positive therapy or coaching!

The benefits of positive therapy or coaching!

If you want more happiness and a better life it might help to get some help!

Now I'm obviously a bit bias in saying that but this wonderful email I just received from a client confirms for me all over again how helping people to see things differently can help them enjoy more happiness and a better life…

Hi Tim,

I had an epiphany just now.

As I started writing down if I'm happy with myself or not, I realised even at times that I don't feel good about how I perform, I also can find something good. for example last night I stayed up late (till 4 AM), but didn't work all of it. before going to bed, I wasn't happy that I didn't work all of that time and have wasted some, but then I looked at how much progress I've made and I congratulated myself. the result is this morning I've made more progress.

it seems like I'm a manager who's been pushing his employee all the time without acknowledging their contribution. for the first time, I feel like I can "manage" myself. (I hope I'm not developing multiple personality disorder 😉

on a serious note, I think the more I appreciate the positive, the more energy I have to achieve. it's a wonderful discovery. I need to find a way to sustain this for long term…



So Ali's feeling A LOT BETTER after only a few sessions; there's more work to be done but you can surely tell from the content and tone of the email above that he's well on his way to achieving the goals we set (more happiness, more control over his life, more positive approach etc)

And you could enjoy this too! 

If you'd like to learn more about our therapy and/or coaching services then please get in touch; we'd love to help you also find more happiness and success. 

Just email or call on 02 9221 3306 (we're based in Sydney but we have contacts all over the place and we increasingly deliver our therapy/coaching via email, Skype and other means using the wonders of modern technology). 

So don't suffer any longer. Get in touch now : )