Life is messy therefore…happiness is loving mess!

Life is messy therefore…happiness is loving mess!

It doesn't take a lot of thought or reflection to realise that life is messy. None of us are perfect and hence, we make mistakes; life is full of errors; things go wrong. 

At the same time, however, many of us suffer distress due to unrealistic expectations and so when life, us, others turn out not to live up to those expectations (i.e, perfection) we experience unhappiness of some sort…frustration, irritation, stress, depression etc. 

But here's the thing…if you accept that life is mess and you learn to love the mess of life then you can also come to understand that happiness is messy! 

If you give up on the fantasy of perfection you can accept imperfection, in yourself and others, and let go of all the stress and strain that goes along with the totally ridiculous pursuit of the ideal…which is, after all, a fantasy and in some cases a farce. 

So do you want more happiness? Would you enjoy more peace and tranquility and less negative emotion in your life? 

If so, start making an effort to live with imperfection and with faults, in yourself and the world more generally…actually, do more than this. Don't just learn to live with imperfection BUT try to love it!

That's right; look for the strengths underlying your weaknesses, look for the good in the bad, smile at the mistakes (that won't kill you) and embrace life for all it is. Because THIS IS life. It's here; it's now; it's not something that will happen when everything's sorted out. It's happening here and now. So enjoy here and now…mess and all. 

Enjoy mess; live life; love happiness : )