CHOOSE happiness…each and every moment

CHOOSE happiness…each and every moment

Happiness is…every step you take, every choice you make

Here at The Happiness Institute we've long argued that happiness is something you can CHOOSE. 

Choose is both a philosophy for taking responsibility for your life, and for you happiness, but it's also an acronym that represents 6 key areas of life in which our decisions really count. 

You can read more about our happiness CHOOSE philosophy HERE but in short the letters stand for…

  • clarity of purpose, direction and goals

  • healthy living

  • optimism

  • others

  • strengths

  • enjoy the moment

So each and every minute of each and every day we encourage you to be aware of the choices you make. Are you, for example…

  • focusing on what's really important? 

  • eating well? exercising? taking time to reflect and meditate? 

  • thinking about yourself and the world around you in a helpful and constructive way? 

  • being kind and caring and compassionate and thoughtful? 

  • using your strengths to the best of your ability as often as possible? 

  • living in and enjoying the here and now? practicing gratitude and appreciation? 

If you can keep these 6 key concepts in the front of your mind, as often as possible, and make the best choices you can make, as often as possible, then I have no doubt that happiness and health and success will be yours! 

So CHOOSE happiness today, and tomorrow, and every day!