A very personal perspective on happiness from…Dr. Happy

A very personal perspective on happiness from…Dr. Happy

As regular readers of this blog would well be aware I (Dr. Happy aka Dr. Tim Sharp) don't often write about very personal matters in this context. I regularly comment on happiness related incidences in my life, and in the lives of my colleagues and clients, but I tend to steer clear of intimate references in a bid to keep my family and personal life somewhat private. 

But today I'm going to delve just a little into a few events form last week in the hope you'll find it interesting and useful…

…in short, last week was in many ways a great week. My wife and I had both receieved very positive news in the professional areas of our lives and we were thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the successes. This also heightened our gratitude generally and we openly commented to each other on how good our lives are. 

But then, within 48 hours or so at the back end of last week things went a little awry. Now I should preface this by saying that in the general scheme of things nothing terrible happened although there was quite a bit of concern about a few things at the time. Anyway, after having such a good few days with such good news and much happiness we then had what at the time seemed like a major health scare in the family. It turned out, thankfully, not to be anything too serious but it certainly caused some considerable degree of worry and stress at the time. And then, we had a significant disagreement within the family which also caused quite a bit of unhappiness among all of us. 

So you see it got me to thinking…about what's REALLY important. 

The professional and financial "wins" were great BUT what do they really mean without health; and love within a family. "Success" and achievement can be awesome and contribute to huge amounts of satisfaction but can real and meaningful happiness exist without family and wellbeing? 

I think not. 

So my message for today is to work hard and strive for accomplishment and achievement as these are indubitably valuable components of the health and happiness we define as living a great life; but don't lose site of what's really important at a fundamental level; the bricks I believe set the foundation for all other aspects of health and happiness and wellbeing…other people (especially family and loved ones) and physical health and wellbeing (something we could probably all do more to care for). 

I hope you've found this of interest and I'd love to know your thoughts so please share any comments HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page : )