A happiness alphabet for 2013

A happiness alphabet for 2013

2013's A to Z of happiness 

by Dr. Happy (aka Dr. Timothy Sharp) 

A is for acceptance, of all that is

B is for beauty that's all around

C is for curiosity we take in the world

D is for determination to achieve our goals

E is for enthusiasm for all that's positive

F is for failure from which we'll learn

G is for goodness we'll endeavour to spread

H is for happiness…of course, what else? 

I is for the interest we'll take in others' welfare

J is for joy for which we'll jump

K is for kindness we'll show to all

L is for love we'll give to ourselves and others

M is for the meaning we'll find in our worlds

N is for the needy we'll try to help out

O is for optimism we'll cultivate and build

P is for persistence we'll show when we need

Q is for the questions to which we'll seek answers 

R is for resilience we'll exhibit in the face of adversity

S is for the strengths within we'll use as much as possible

T is for the taste we'll enjoy in our food

U is for understanding we'll have for others

V is for the vitality we'll bring to every moment

W is for the weak we'll help when we can

X is the eXcitement we'll show when someone finds a word starting with X!

Y is the yearning we have to accept detachment 

and finally, Z is the zest happy people have for living life

Live your life alphabetically; life with happiness. Once again, here's to a great 2013. From all the team here at The Happiness Institute : )