Find the motivation to enjoy happiness & success

Find the motivation to enjoy happiness & success

by Dr. Timothy Sharp (aka Dr. Happy)

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Did you know there are several keys to finding your spark? Did you know that motivation can be created and enhanced and…that as a result, you can achieve more than you'd ever thought possible? And enjoy it along the way? People who achieve more tend to have more motivation and energy and not surprisingly, tend to be more inspired and more inspiring.

From where does this motivation come? Well, everyone's a bit different but the secret lies really in asking the right questions just as much as finding the right answers! Motivation typically comes from not just knowing what to do; or how to do it; or even when or where but rather…why? Research (and experience) clearly indicates that those people who're clear on WHY they do what they do are far more likely to enjoy authentic happiness and success, and to live their best lives.


Following on from the previous section we're pleased to offer the following questions, the answers to which will help you find your real motivators…

  • Do you really know what you want to achieve in life (specifically)?

  • Is what you're trying to achieve realistic?

  • Is it really YOUR goal or is it someone else's (e.g. your mother's or father's or partner's etc)?

  • Is it consistent with your core values?

  • Do any of your goals and/or values contradict each other?

  • Does the achievement of your goal involve the utilisation of your core strengths?

  • Would you still strive to achieve your goals if there was little or no reward?

The answers to these questions might not come easily BUT the answers to these questions will be crucial to living a truly happy and successful life. So set aside some time, on a regular basis, to reflect upon and to contemplate and ultimately to find the answers to them and…open yourself up to the power of real, intrinsic motivation.