Happiness Challenge – Boost your Life Satisfaction with 5 Key Strengths

Happiness Challenge – Boost your Life Satisfaction with 5 Key Strengths

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This week's challenge is designed to help you boost your happiness by focusing on 5 key strengths. It goes something like this…

Although, by definition, all strengths are good (see a full list HERE), there are 5 strengths that have been found to be most closely associated with life satisfaction and happiness. They are, in no particular order…hope, zest, curiosity, gratitude and love. For some people, these are naturally their signature strengths but the good news is that for others, they can be built upon and improved. See this week's challenge below for tips on building your happiness strengths!


This week's challenge is to focus on building the 5 strengths referred to above and, therefore, to boost your happiness. So here we go…

  • Hope – reflect upon a past disappointment and the opportunities it made possible

  • Zest – for the next week commit to going to bed early enough so that you don't need to set an alarm

  • Curiosity – try a local restaurant or cafe offering cuisine with which you're unfamiliar

  • Gratitude – start tracking how often you say "thank you" during the day and work on increasing it each day for a week

  • Love – write a short note to someone you love and leave it somewhere they'll discover it during the day

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