8 things to let go of so you can grab on to more happiness!

8 things to let go of so you can grab on to more happiness!

by Pallavi Srivastava from LifeHack

Being happy is one thing that everyone wants but very few get there. So what are the reasons that stop us from being happy? Well, some of the biggest hurdles between us and our happiness are some of our habits. Here are eight habits that you need to drop to become happy in life.

1) Undermining the positives

First habit that we want to point out to you is the constant habit of overlooking the positives in our life, in people around us and in situations. Most of the people have the habit of ignoring the positives. This is one of the most damaging habits for your happiness quotient. If we do not appreciate the good things around us, things that are positive and a source of happiness, we are directly refusing to accept happiness. Thus, such a person who overlooks the goodness and positiveness around will always stay far away from being happy. The choice is yours, do you want to be grateful for things that you have or do you want to keep grumbling about that missed opportunity.

2) Living in past or future

Another habit that completely blocks happiness is not appreciating the present moment and living either in the past or future. Many people have the habit of always thinking or brooding over what went wrong in the past or worry about things that can turn bad in the future. This is one great recipe for creating unhappiness in the present. Yet most people love to do this: either be stuck in the past or spend all the time worrying about the future.

In this attempt, we miss the chance to enjoy and appreciate what we have in the present moment. So if you truly want to be happy, remember, present moment is the future you were worrying about yesterday. It is also the moment. which will soon become past so live in the present fully and entirely to be truly happy.

3) Comparing yourself with others

If comparing yourself with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, siblings, etc, is your favorite past time, you can kiss goodbye the thought of happiness forever! Yes, that is true. If you all the time keep comparing yourself with others, you can never be happy. Remember, each of us is unique and so each of us have unique talents, skills, etc.

Naturally, there is a distinctive path each one of us follows and we progress on this path at our own distinctive pace. But when we start comparing ourselves with others we insult this distinctiveness and uniqueness of us. Not just that, we forget about who we are and what we want and start blindly following what others are doing. This certainly stops us from being happy. So, if you want to be happy, stop comparing yourself with others. Rather, take a plunge within yourself and revel in your own uniqueness…

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