7 ways to tap in to true happiness

7 ways to tap in to true happiness

by Rosa Medina-Fassett from the Huffington Post

You receive a promotion and are extremely proud. As the day goes by, you share your great news with your loved ones and find yourself feeling increasingly happy. Fast forward a week later, and although you are still feeling proud, the happiness you initially felt is dwindling, and your success has become just another check on your list. You are not sure why, but know this is a cycle you find yourself in often — a cycle where your happiness seems to be temporary and your success is short lived.

This form of happiness is not true happiness, which is why it did not last. True happiness exists within and does not waver regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. It does not come from a promotion or a vacation, it comes from moving forward as life does. Everyone is born with happiness, but as you experience life, it becomes tainted by situations or people. Getting to a point where you are again tapping into your true happiness can be very challenging, particularly for people who are sensitive, intuitive, or empathic, but here you will find seven steps to help make the process easier for yourself.

Step 1: Let the past go

Holding on to the past keeps you in place of unforgivingness, resentment, pain, longing, and regret as opposed to the opposite. It also keeps you stuck, which often creates an unfulfilling present. Start forgiving today and unravel all those years of pain. Let go of resentment and forgive those who have hurt you or who you have hurt, overcome mistakes made, and forget regrets. Allow yourself to move forward and let go at the end of each day.

Step 2: Accept yourself and others

Comparing yourself to others will keep you in a place of not being good enough or them not being good enough; either way coming to a point of "not enough." If there is a feeling or thought of not enough, no matter what you or others accomplish and receive in life, it will not be enough. Accepting that everyone is unique and has their own life to live will make it easier to accept them and yourself.

Step 3: Connect to your source

Connecting to your source means connecting to who you are, what your beliefs are, and what spirituality means to you. It means having a clear understanding of these and matching your actions as you give yourself permission to live as who you are…

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