Who ever thought wine and happiness could be linked? We did!

Who ever thought wine and happiness could be linked? We did!

Just remember MODERATION … 

By Beth Ash of MindBodyGreen

You’ve heard rumors of the health benefits of wine, and there are many. I’d like to reinforce those and point out other ways wine makes our life better. If you’re interested even slightly in this article, you likely don’t need a reason for drinking wine, but I’m excited you’ll take a moment to indulge in these fun facts with me.

1. It's a Fountain of Youth.

Wine drinkers may live longer than beer or spirit drinkers, and other anti-aging benefits you may experience include glowing skin, looking younger and fewer precancerous skin lesions. You had me at hello.

2. It will benefit your gut.

The benefits of fermented foods for your digestive system are undeniable. Fermented food — and drink! — also contain beneficial enzymes, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics. And if you’re asking me to choose between kimchee and a glass of red wine, I can tell you without hesitation which one is going to win out. Every time. Pinot Noir, anyone?

3. Its antioxidants are superheroes.

“Combating free radicals” sounds like some invisible superhero battle is happening all around us, and as surreal as it seems to me, I consider it truth. Free radicals causes the oxidation process in our bodies, which leads to cell damage. The super hero in this fight are antioxidants who work to either prevent the chain reaction or stop it after it’s started. Glass for glass, red wine can hold its own to other antioxidant champions like cinnamon, acai, blueberries and pomegranate juice. My hero!

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