Redirect the question; redirect your life!

Redirect the question; redirect your life!

We've long been fans of Lou Tice and The Pacific Institute who regularly publish simple but profound articles for living better, happier and more successfully. 

This post we're sharing with you today ticks all those boxes. 

So for more happiness and success, read on and enjoy…

Today, let's look at a way to ask questions that will help you change your focus from problems to solutions.

If you want to make your communications as effective as possible, and if you are interested in finding solutions to problems rather than becoming bogged down in them, this is a suggestion that will help: If you ask the right questions, you can direct communications to get answers that are genuinely helpful.

For example, if you ask someone "What's wrong?" you'll get an answer – often a long one – which will focus on the problem. But if you ask "What do you want?" or "How would you like to change things?" you have redirected the conversation from the problem to the solution…

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