7 beliefs you must stop believing so you can love yourself

7 beliefs you must stop believing so you can love yourself

Self love is not selfish. 

Self love is respect for yourself and for you who are. 

Self love allows us to be really happy and, therefore, to really love others.

Which in short, is a pretty good recipe for happiness. 

But many things get in the way of self love including these 7 destructive attitudes you need to give up now…

by Amanda Christian from MindBodyGreen

Self-love was something I thought I would obtain someday in the future when everything in my life was going the way I wanted it to. Soon I realized I was never going to experience self-love with that mentality because there was always something in the future to chase. It turns out love works the other way around. Life seems to work out when you have self-love first.

Below is a list of potential blocks you may have put up against self-love and how to remove them.

1. Un-forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key that opens the box containing everything you’ve ever wanted. Are you still beating yourself up for the things that happened when you were in first grade? If so, it’s time to forgive. How do you forgive, you may be asking? You release the judgments you made about yourself and the situation (see number 5 below). It really is that easy. We love to make things seem complicated so we don’t do them.

2. Fear

Fear can be sneaky at times because it takes many forms, such as jealousy, anxiety, anger, and impatience. How do you move through this? You choose love instead. Every moment of every day provides you with an opportunity to perceive a situation differently. You are always choosing between fear and love. That’s it. Set the intention to see yourself as loving and powerful, and the unloving fearful thoughts will fall away.  

3. Comparisons

Stop comparing yourself to how you were five years, five days, or five minutes ago. Comparisons keep you in a fearful state of mind and out of the present moment. When you compare yourself, you are giving away your power because all your power is in this instant, not in the past or the future…

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