The 8 most inspiring things people (including YOU) do every day!

The 8 most inspiring things people (including YOU) do every day!

Focus on and appreciate the little things…because in reality, they are the big things! 

And they're also the things that with just a little savouring…go a long way toward creating a great life of happiness. 

by Kathy Caprino from Forbes

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about what I’m deeply grateful for.  I realized that throughout this year, and through all the challenges and hardships I’ve seen people facing these past months, I’ve been struck by something. I’ve been surprised by the things that everyday, ordinary people around me – colleagues, clients, friends, peers, children, and other inspirers – are doing that make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place.

Sure, there is so much around us that brings us down and makes us hang our heads in our hands (just spend the day watching the “news” and your mood will descend from upbeat to depressed in a flash). But I’ve seen a shift of sorts this year – a movement, shall we say – away from pain, suffering and misery towards something more positive, more inspiring. There’s been a keener focus on kindness, happiness, peace and support. And that shift in focus paves the way for a new, more hopeful way of living.

If I were to name the 8 most inspiring things that I see people around me doing around every day, this would have to be my list:


The single most inspiring and transformative act a human being can engage in is forgiveness. I’ve seen therapy and coaching clients completely transform after releasing the pain and suffering they were holding onto because they finally found a way to forgive. To me, forgiveness is looking directly in the face of someone or something that is hurtful, damaging, disturbing or disappointing, and deciding not to harbor hatred or resentment about it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re a wimp and can’t stand up for yourself. It means that you understand that holding onto the pain, anger and resentment hurts you more than it hurts anyone else. It’s the knowledge that hatred and condemnation is not the pathway to recovery or resilience.

Here are some stunning examples of forgiveness, and a beautiful description of how holding on to a longing for revenge won’t give you peace.


Help comes in all sorts of forms – from helping an elderly lady across the street, to supporting a colleague to get a huge project done, to consoling a friend who’s going through a bad break up. Contrary to the idea that people who help in big ways are doormats and will inevitably burn out or get walked on, research now shows that those who are the most successful and impactful in the world are also the biggest, most generous givers. Look around you and you’ll find examples of amazingly generous helpers everywhere…

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