10 recommendations from St. Thomas Aquinas

10 recommendations from St. Thomas Aquinas

I stumbled upon this article and initially, thought I'd share it because the 10 recommendations from St. Thomas Aquinas seemed very good for those of us trying to live our best lives and to enjoy happiness and success. 

But then I noticed the subheading and thought it was worth sharing just for that…

…under the heading were a relatively innocuous but potently powerful few words: 

Reflections for prayer and action!

Those who read my writings know that although I believe thoughts are vitally important they're not enough on their own; we need to put those thoughts to purpose; turn them into actions; make happiness a way of living and acting as well as thinking. 

So here it is, a few nice recommendations for you to contemplate and hopefully, for you to enact for more happiness and joy in life! 

  1. Bringing people to the truth is the greatest gift that you can give to others.

  2. Holiness doesn't consist in knowing a lot, meditating a lot, or thinking a lot. The great mystery of holiness is loving a lot.

  3. The farther a being distances itself from God, the closer it gets to nothingness. But the closer it gets to God, the more it distances itself from nothingness.

  4. A patient person isn't one who doesn't see evil, but one who doesn't let himself be dominated by sadness…

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