7 signs you may be underestimating yourself

7 signs you may be underestimating yourself

Being humble is admirable; but we don't want humility at the expense of happiness! 

Too many people inappropriately equate modesty and humilty, which are obviously good things in context, with not wishing to be too happy or successful. 

But enjoying happiness and success need not be associated with arrogance or narcisism; in fact, we can and should try to balance modest and humble thoughts and actions with equal measues of pride and self-love. These are not mutually exclusive but in the right measure, contribute to real thriving and flourishing. 

So for anyone interested in finding real and meaninful happiness, which I think is all of you if you're reading this posting, here's an article you should find useful…

by Jenn Scalia from MindBodyGreen

I was taught to be modest and humble. Even though my family was well-off, my parents hid their success and often seemed to feel shame around buying expensive things.

I remember when my dad got his first Corvette. It was like a dirty, little secret — even though he worked hard from when he was a teenager to build his own business and was diligent with how he spent his money. In my eyes, he worked for it and he deserved it.

But I was told it wasn't nice to flaunt what you had because those who were less fortunate would be offended. In general, guilt and shame were common themes in my upbringing.

Looking back, I see that we were valuing guilt and shame! This overall habit was for all the wrong reasons. It kept me playing small for most of my life. It kept me hiding.

My gifts and talents were never to be celebrated. Proud moments were rare. I held onto this for so long, and still catch myself in moments of victimhood. But I remind myself daily of my intentions and can easily step back into the role of being my best self.

I discovered that not having a plan made it easy to slip back into old ways, old habits and old beliefs — all of which allowed me to keep sabotaging my ability to flaunt my talents.

So be on the look out! Here are seven daily habits that are probably keeping you underestimating yourself and playing small …

1. You don't have a daily practice of any kind.

Having a daily practice, a routine that gets you in sync with yourself — your mind and/or your body — and aligns you with your intentions, is key for tapping into your power and strength. It reminds you why you are here and sets the stage for calm in the midst of daily chaos.

My daily practice consists of guided meditation and gratitude. Yours can include things such as yoga, reading, EFT or prayer. Whatever works to get you feeling good and centered can be made into a habit. Why not start your day with a positive outlook?

2. You constantly compare yourself to others.

With social media, we now basically have instant access into everyone else's lives. As a result, it's hard not to compare yourself to others — constantly. But the important thing to remember is that you are never seeing the whole story: no one is on Facebook flaunting their problems, their bad days and their fears. All you see is the good.

So what to do? Focus on your story and your journey. Never ever compare your beginning to someone else's middle. We all have something to offer. No matter how many people do what you do, only you can do it like you…

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