10 simple actions to achieve massive success in 2015!

10 simple actions to achieve massive success in 2015!

by Sean Kim from the Huffington Post

Another year is coming to an end, and many of us are asking: "Did I achieve my goals this year? –?professionally and personally?"

2014 may have been a slow year, or it could have been one of the best years yet. Either way, there's always a way to push our limiting beliefs, and raise above the status quo.

Here are 10 simple actions you can take to achieve massive success in 2015.

1. Set specific results-driven goals, then reverse engineer them

This is the first step you should be taking that will set the foundation of actions moving forward. Get specific with your goals, or it won't get done.

For example: if you want to make $1M in 2015, you need to reverse engineer how much income that requires each month, and even each week.

More than that, how many sales do you need to make that happen. How many clients, and at what rate?

In order to make $1M in 2015, you need to have $83,333 of sales a month and $19,231 a week. Let's say you're selling a digital product for $47. In order to make $1M, you'll need to sell 1,773 of your product a month, and 410 a week. *note: this is not including taxes, and your expense for the sake of simple math*

Now that you know the specific numbers to reach your goals, you need to plan the proper actions that will get those results, and become ruthless at hitting those numbers. How many leads do you need according to your conversion rate? How much traffic do you need to get those leads? What are the marketing activities you need to make that happen?

This is the best way to face reality head on.

2. Keep a daily journal

Everyday, something new enters our mind that could have a massive impact for our future. We need to write not only new ideas down, but record our thoughts to track our progress and emotional state.

James Altrucher recommends writing down 10 new ideas a day, and soon you'll become an idea machine.

3. Invest in a coach

This is probably the most impactful decision you can make. Getting a coach to work with you is going to create massive change and momentum in your life. This could be a business coach, relationship coach, health coach ?– ?whichever area you're looking to get results in, investing in a coach will get it done.

Don't be afraid to pay a premium for a premium coach. You pay for what you get, and a premium coach will deliver premium results in your life…

…keep reading for the full list of 10 steps HERE and feel free to get in touch with us here at The Happiness Institute if there's anything we can do to help you find even more happiness in 2015 and beyond!