20 Rules of Life To Help You Overcome Adversity and Lead You to Happiness and Success

20 Rules of Life To Help You Overcome Adversity and Lead You to Happiness and Success

Getting through the tough times and bouncing back to happiness is not always easy. 

But it is DEFINITELY possible. 

And it's more likely if you follow these "rules"; rules that others have used to gain more happiness and success…

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If you thought, only genes determine your lifespan, you may be wrong. There are life lessons, which if learnt and adhered to, can add years to your happy and successful life. These valuable lessons come through experienced people who could live peaceful, positive and happy life by sticking on to them in both happy and adverse circumstances.

Focus on positive thoughts.

Positivity should be your focus. If so far, your thoughts delved on negative aspects of life, like annoying neighbor, cribbing colleague or your past mistakes, you are wasting much of your precious time and energy and losing on well deserved happiness. On the other hand, if you are focussed on present and future, in planning things that you want to happen, enjoying what present is offering, you will end up much happier and successful. It is all to do with your mind set, with positive outlook, pleasure in your life is bound to grow and flourish.

This quote here summarizes it all, “Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions, for they become habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch your character for it becomes your destiny.” It all emanates from mind, positivity leaves you upbeat, while negativity leads to depression.

Do not blame yourself for everything

The feeling, ‘I’ may be at fault, is often depressing. Self Pity or taking everything personally will do more harm than good. We tend to blame oneself when things don’t happen as we want. There develops a deep feeling of guilt, which often leads to melancholy. Everything has a cause, but it is not necessarily you, there may be personal reasons for people’s peculiar behaviour towards you. It could be their negativity, but why should you be the victim? So, if you want to keep yourself happy then stop bothering what others say or do, because it is their reality not yours.

Never fail to express gratitude

Someone rightly said, ‘ it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy’. expressing gratitude should be made a habit. people will never forget how you made them feel. By thanking those who are kind to you, will not just make other person feel good but will also leave you happier. Do not fail to acknowledge the good in your life. Expressing gratitude exercises your positivity muscle and makes it easier to remain positive during low times. When you get laid off, a practice of gratitude will remind you that you still have your health or if you have a bike accident, you’ll be especially grateful to your friends and family.

Stand up for yourself, demand respect but don’t act entitled.

There is always a choice. Either demand respect or command respect. The later is permanent in nature and is well earned. The former comes purely from position. Imagine being in the position and by virtue of the way you are, you are respected. Isn’t it perfect. However, one will come across people who need to be conveyed the essence of ownership of respect for every human being. In such cases, drive home the point that respect begets respect. Remember what has not been earned is not permanent and that what appears to be permanent is a relative term. Therefore do not get anchored to respect syndrome driven by position or status but be driven by being human

Give your 100% and Ask for 100% from everyone, every time.

If you can give 100%, you have all rights to demand for 100%. David Richo’s book, How to Be an Adult mentions that as long as you know you are not on the entitled side (demanding side), being upfront about your needs and wants eliminates a lot of anxiety and discomfort in your life. Be forthright in expressing what you want and how it should be done, unless your demand is contemptuous no one would deny it. Be prepared to take a ‘No’. However, that should not damage a relationship. If someone thinks less of you because you dared to speak what you need, you can always have better people to work with in the future…

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