Wanting more happiness at work? Here’s 9 things to do and 5 myths to avoid!

Wanting more happiness at work? Here’s 9 things to do and 5 myths to avoid!

Most of us spend most of our lives working so why wouldn't we try to enjoy as much of it as possible. 

Happiness at work is possible and desirable, if you just do AND avoid certain things. 

Often, however, our attempts to enjoy our time in the office are waylaid by myths and misconceptions, distractions and delusions. 

But today we're offering you some guidelines; so just practice the following 9 steps AND avoid these 5 myths…

Firstly, out of Cambridge University, comes some research that points to these 9 steps to work-place happiness. Among other things they recommend: 

  1. Don't label things as "good or bad" 

  2. Work on extreme resilience

  3. Don't hold grudges

  4. and don't be jealous…

You can read the full article with the full list and much more detail HERE

And from another estemed institution, the Harvard Business Review writes about the following 5 myths of great workplaces: 

  1. Not everyone is incessantly happy all the time

  2. Conflict is considered normal and even healthy

  3. and mistakes and failures are viewed in a more constructive light

Again, you can read the full and original article HERE with some great insights into what happiness really looks like in great workplaces

Here at The Happiness Institute we believe happiness at work (when defined properly) is vitally important and beneficial for ALL involved (employees and employers). If you'd like to know what we can do to help then please feel free to get in touch via HERE