A different type of happiness challenge you really should try!

A different type of happiness challenge you really should try!

Over the last few years you've probably seen, and maybe even tried all sorts of different types of happiness challenges. 

There are happiness challenges that focus on gratitude; on health and wellbeing, on not complaining…

…and then there's this happiness challenge. 

Today we bring you a different type of happiness challenge and we very much encourage to give it a try; but only if you're ready for your life to change! For the better! 

by Chris Winfield via Inc.com

I constantly see friends of mine doing these 30-day challenges (perhaps you've seen them or even done one yourself).

They will post about it on Facebook or tell me how great they feel because they are doing something like this for 30 days:

  • Writing a gratitude list each day

  • Only eating Paleo

  • Doing planks every day

  • Writing in a journal every morning

  • Learning a new word from a different language

  • Drinking eight glasses of water each day.

I see them months later, and the conversation typically goes like this:

Me: Are you still writing a gratitude list every day? How's that going?

Friend: Huh?

Me: The gratitude list challenge that you were doing, the one you were posting about on Facebook each day.

Friend: Oh…. Yeah. That was awesome but I stopped after 30 days when it was over.

And that's what seems to be the big issue with many of these 30-day challenges. Something doesn't click. Or rather, it doesn't stick. They aren't helping us to change for the long run. They are a short-term fix.

Today, I wanted to share with you a 30-day challenge that actually DID change me–so much so that it's become a part of my everyday life.

Disclaimer: Yes, this is a 30-day challenge but it should be repeated every 30 days  😉

If you incorporate this into your life and faithfully practice it (you won't be perfect at it, and that's completely fine), here's what you can expect:

  • Wonderful new opportunities (more opportunity typically leads to more money)

  • More connections, conversations, and friends

  • Peace of mind

  • You'll start to see the world in a much different, better way.

And that's just the start….

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