Can you handle the truth?

Can you handle the truth?

Unhappiness often comes from denying some truth. 

Happiness can be ours more often if we face up to life's truths; from there we can acknowledge, accept and take afirmative action. 

The truth is always nice or clean or even positive; but we can only be positive, in a realistic and constructive way, when we tackle truth head on. 

Are you prepared to face the truth for your very own happiness? If so, read on…

by Sherrie Campbell via the Huffington Post

The two things most people search for in life are simple. People desire happiness and to feel satisfied with their lives. There are simple truths which can be applied to everyday life which guarantee greater success and that deep sense of personal satisfaction you yearn to experience in your life and career.

1. Just Do You: Be yourself. Let the results of your life be a reflection of your boldness to express your freely. Take care to exercise your own ideas, your free will and independence. Live from your individual uniqueness and the willingness to be different than others.

Your authenticity is that place within you that is true and secure enough to withstand the external destructive pressures that come from life.

When you are true to yourself and passionate about your life and career, you see choice rather challenge. Your genuine qualities are not set up on false pretenses because whatever path you choose in life is completely congruent with who you are.

2. Be Candid: There is nothing of greater significance to offer your life or business than honesty. To understand why being truthful is important examine how anyone, including yourself, benefit from dishonesty.

The one thing you cannot afford to lose in life is your reputation. Once your reputation is lost, based upon dishonesty, it is nearly impossible to recover it.

Living from the truth allows you to build relationships based in trust with loved ones, colleagues, competitors, staff, and customers. Those around you become energized by your candor inspiring them to want to progress their business and personal relationships with you forward…

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