The top 20 ways to be happy!

The top 20 ways to be happy!

There are so many suggestions about how to be happy that happiness can, sometimes, seem overwhelming and confusing. 

But this great article cuts through the clutter and offers 20 great tips, the best of the best happiness ideas, that you can use in your life right now!

So read on, enjoy and then start doing…

By Dr Mo Zoha, expert in Happiness at London’s Nightingale Hospital

  1. Realise money doesn’t buy you happiness. It has been found that as long as you have enough money to pay for necessities and live comfortably, anything above that does not necessarily equate to more happiness.

  2. Spend money on experiences, not objects. Objects and possessions do not necessarily make us happier, but spending time with family and friends does.

  3. Enjoy the moment. Older people tend to be happier, perhaps because they are better at living in the present.

  4. Work. This provides routine, structure and self-worth and find a job you enjoy.

  5. Be independent. Personal control makes you happier, especially with regards to work: there is better life satisfaction for those earning less but in control of their working practice than those who are richer but have less control.

  6. Maintain close relationships. Healthy, strong, close relationships make you happy. Putting more effort into spending time with friends, family and loved-ones is an important part of happiness.

  7. Live near to friends and family. Those who live closer to friends, family and loved ones get to spend more time with those they are closest too, and this therefore makes them happier.

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