Make your day better by making someone else’s day better!

Make your day better by making someone else’s day better!

So many people miss out on happiness because they only think about their own happiness. 

It's not really intentional; but it's a mistake many of us make far too often. 

But the reality is that real and meaningful happiness involves others; and so when others are happy, we tend to be happier. The more happiness the better for everyone. 

So today we invite you to make someone's day (which will then make your day) and we're happy to share with you these 5 simple tips…

by Leon Logothetis via The Huffington Post

People often focus on the larger aspects of life, but it's the little things that truly make someone's day. A smile, some extra attention, or even just a little gratitude can immensely impact our lives. These top 5 tips will help you to greatly improve someone's day!

1. Tell Them You Care

It's all too easy to take the people in our lives for granted. Sure, we meet them or greet them, but we may not ever say how we truly feel. To brighten someone's day, simply tell them that you appreciate them, are glad they are themselves, and that you value their company. It may take them by surprise, and they may act a bit shocked to hear it, but they will remember it forever. At the very least, it will make their day and enhance your relationship.

If you haven't seen the person for a while, then send an email or pick up the phone and tell them you value your relationship together. Start off by asking how their day is, how their life is, and then end the conversation with a little gratitude. It will feel strange at first, but once you make the first step by showing appreciation, it gets easier to do with everyone in your life. Just don't do it during every conversation or it will lose its meaning.

2. Surprise With a Gift

An unexpected gift can truly make someone's day, and it's as easy as picking up an extra pastry at the cafe before you see them. The gift doesn't have to be expensive or outlandish, but it should have some meaning or thought behind it. Think if they like chocolate or a certain sweet, or if there's an item that relates to your past experiences together. It can be anything from:

  • A cup of coffee

  • A keychain ring

  • Their favorite dessert

Whatever the gift is, it will show that you went out of your way to make them happy and that you thought of them before meeting. It's a small gesture but with huge implications. Remember that price doesn't matter; it's the thought that counts…

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